“Plan your work and work your plan.”

Napoleon Hill

4 Tips for Mapping Your Students

Tip 1:

Map your students!

Divide the tests into skills - listening, reading , and writing. Write the student’s score for various question types and then check the tendency of the class to have difficulties with a certain question type.

Tip 2:

Adapt your teaching strategies and your work plans according to the results and locate your student’s weaknesses.

Tip 3:

Map each and every skill using short quizzes without giving marks!

Tip 4:

Practice and demonstrate using pre-reading or pre- listening activities. Pre-tasks for texts with written questions

- Guide your students to read the questions before listening/reading. Teach them to ask themselves: “What kind of information is being asked?”

- Teach them to decide on the keywords of the question and make sure that they understand the question.

- Teachers should model the think aloud process for finding answers in the text.

Mapping Textbooks

Mapping Texbooks

How to Start

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