How to Engage Your Students Online

Zoom in 

This is an easy prep activity that can help you activate your students in your online lesson. You can use both Google slides or powerpoint in order to easily design your own. 

Would you rather ... 

Sharing another fun way to engage your students in your online lessons (not only). 

Gamify Your Lessons Using One Awesome Site 😎

In this video, I explain how you can easily gamify vocabulary review, grammar, writing tasks and speaking activities using ONE super awesome site! Yay! 

Motivate Your Students to READ online

When teaching reading, it's very important that our learners repeat reading the words. Some of them might feel frustated or bored to do so.In this video, I present a fun and engaging way to motivate our students to read. 

Roll a Story- Fun Writing/Speaking Activity

Here's a fun way to engage your students in telling and/ or writing a story! 

How To Safely Share YouTube Videos

A quick super easy way to make sure that your students get a safe YouTube video link. 

Karaoke Time - Online speaking activity

100% engagement in this super fun low prep activity! Karaoke 🎤 your way into speaking English in your online and offline lessons! Perfect for both Google slides and PowerPoint presentations! 

Wheel of Names Website

Sharing this super awesome FREE site which can upgrade your English lessons! Guess what.... You can actually use this wheel for IMAGES as well. Watch this video to learn more about how you can implement it in your lessons to serve your objectives. 

Spice up Your Teaching Using Bitmojis

I'm super excited about this idea that I had to share it with the world :) Mashing up applications in order to create visual and personalized prompts for both speaking and writing! In this video, I introduced some ideas for teaching descriptive writing as well. 


Fun brainstroming activity tool that is suitable for any level and any topic that you want your studnets to brainstorm words or ideas about. 

Awesome free POWERPOINT template for you to design your online lesssons. 


How do you feel today_.pdf

Upgrade your worksheets and presentations by using awesome fonts - In this video, I present some useful sites for generating cool fonts! Enjoy! 

Customize Your Cursors

In this video, I present a super cool application that can help you level up your students' engagement in your online lessons by using AWESOME customized cursors! 

Image Reveal fun activity

In this video, I share an excellent free and user-friendly tool to create your own image reveal game in SECONDS! 

2 Amazing Add ons that can jazz up your online lessons!