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Do you feel that your students usually find grammar exercises boring? Do you think that they feel unmotivated to solve grammar worksheets in class? Here's an excellent brain breaker activity that can motivate your students !

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Past Simple Fun Learning Stations

Passive Voice Fun Learning Stations

Past Progressive Fun Stations

Fun and enjoyable grammar activities that can be adapted for reviewing any grammatical structure. This short video sums up group work activities that were done in my classroom in order to review the Past Progressive tense. Every 5-10 minutes, students can move to the next activity. Timing is an essential element in creating an exciting atmosphere in class.

The activities presented in the video are:

  • Word Match: Prepare your cards with various verbs and nouns then ask your students to match them up and create sentences in the tense that you would like to review. The sentences can be super funny as well :)
  • Creative writing: choose various pictures and ask the students to write as many sentences as they can about the picture. (create a challenge to make it fun!)
  • The Competition: two groups compete by writing as many sentences as they can about a huge poster displayed in class.
  • Card game:

Present Simple Fun Learning Stations

Let's jazz up grammar worksheets and SAVE paper at the same time!

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