How to Prepare for the Listening Comprehension Part?

- Start by breaking listening texts up into smaller parts. Begin with short texts and then gradually lengthen the texts and add questions.

- Expose your students to different types of spoken texts.

- Practice listening tasks from the textbook.

- Read stories to them and include worksheets.

- Use these excellent listening comprehension sites:

3 Listening Comprehension Activities

Check these 3 activities that can help you differentiate listening comprehension instructions!

Listen, Listen, Listen...

- Explain to the pupils that they must read the instructions and the questions before listening to the text.

- Teach them how to mark important words , go through the questions and predict what the passage is about.

- Break up the listening text into smaller parts so that pupils can get used to listening and then finding the answer.

- When students are listening to a dialogue, teachers should provide practice in identifying what information is given by each speaker.

- Students should pay attention to any background noises in the recording.

- Tell the students not to leave blank answers for the open-ended questions and encourage them to answer. Explain that since no points are taken off for grammar or spelling they should try and answer every question.

12 Listening Activities for Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension Tips