How to Start Preparing for the Reading Comprehension Part?

Your students need your guidance in how to approach a text, how to answer reading comprehension questions and how to identify text types.

Map your textbook in terms of text types and make sure that you expose them to various text types and discuss what kind of information each text gives us.

Call the students’ attention to special characteristics of each text type.

Gamify Teaching Reading Comprehension!

Sharing an idea for gamifying teaching comprehension with a challenge! Yay! Activate your students while practicing reading comprehension questions! The link to the "Reading Comprehension Challenge" is below the YouTube video.

Focus on the 5Ws

Reading Comprehension poster (1).pdf
how to answer reading comprehension questions

Reading comprehension

King/ Queen

With smiles on their faces and a crown on their heads, your students can rule the text and deal with reading comprehension questions ! Check out this idea :)

reading king

Reading Comprehension Tips

4 Excellent Pre-Reading Activities

Teaching Cause and Effect

Reading Comprehension Strategies

How to Make Inference

How to Find the Main Idea