Fun Grammar Challenges

Past Simple Challenge

Challenge your students and write down as many verbs as you can in the Past Simple tense!

Listen to this lovely poem by Kenn Nesbitt !

Past Progressive Mystery

Practice the real use of the past progressive tense and solve a crime case at the same time.

So who was the murderer?

Let's find out :)

Past Simple Challenge - Irregular Verbs

A quick and fun activity to review 10 commonly used irregular verbs in the past tense. First the students listen to the verbs and then they have to write them in the past tense on their notebooks.

At the end of the video, they have a chance to check their answers.

Present Simple Challenge

Are you up for the challenge?

10 super cool facts

1 pencil and ...

a lot of attention !!!

Take the challenge and practice the present simple!

Present Progressive Challenge

Are you up for this challenge?

Grap a pencil and write the verbs in the present progressive tense.

Ready?! Let's begin!

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Challenge

A fun and interactive quiz to review comparative and superlative adjectives. Grab a pen and challenge yourself or your students!

Relative Pronouns Challenge

Grab a pen and prepare yourself to take this challenge! Check your knowledge in the topic of relative pronouns.

20 Frequent Verbs Challenge

One short video... so MANY options!

Students take this challenge and recall as many verbs as they can from the video.

Students use as many verbs as they can to write sentences OR stories :)

Students can be engaged in a discussion about the pictures from the video.

Present Perfect Fun Game

Present Simple Tense

Negative/ Yes-No Questions

and WH Questions

Present simple negative.pdf
Present Simple YES%2FNO Questions.pdf
Present Simple wh questions.pdf

Present Simple Interactive Notebook

present simple interactive notebook.pdf

Past Simple Writing Fun

Past simple writing craft.pdf

Past Simple Irregular Verbs QR Quizlet Sets

Irregular Verbs Sets QRCODE .pdf

WH Questions

Well, with the help of Google Slides you can prepare a presentation full of colorful pictures and tell your students to ask WH questions about the picture.

WH QUESTIONS Rania English .pdf

WH words interactive notebook or cards

You are more than welcome to print them out for your students!

Passive Voice Chart

Adjectives Interactive Grammar Notebook