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Writing a Paragraph

Teach your students that a paragraph is structured just like a hamburger. The video above explains the whole idea.

Feel free to print the following handout for your students to cut and paste into their notebooks as a reminder every time they have to write.

Writing Hamburger Handout.pdf

How to Start Writing Tasks:

1- Read the instructions in English and in your L1.

2- Decide which tense to use in your writing depending on the instructions.

3- Use the words from the instruction to write your topic sentence.

4- Answer the questions to create the body of your paragraph.

5- Use connectors to connect your ideas together.

6-After you finish writing, read your writing again to edit and make the necessary changes.

Writing Notebooks Printables

Students' Writing Guide.pdf

Give these handouts to your students to glue to their writing notebooks and this will serve them as a guide whenever they have a writing task.

Differenciated Writing Instuctions - Rania English

differenciated writing instuctions - Rania English.pdf

Engaging Learners with Fun and Engaging Writing Activties

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